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Fujian Fuding Shoumei Wild White Tea ~ 350g

  • £33.00

Picked by hand shoumei grade white tea cake, 350g pressed and stored. Gives a classic white tea flavour a little stronger than Silver Needle (only unopened buds, directly picked from the bush), White Peony King (two leaves with one bud, directly picked from the tea bush) and Gongmei (two or three leaves), Shoumei contains the 4th leaf. It takes on the flavour of a soft Oolong tea.

The brewed tea appears bright, clear and with a light yellow to brownish colour in the cup.

Water temperature around 70 degrees and steep for 2 to 5 minutes, no longer as the tea will go bitter (try 2 minutes to start with). Always use the highest quality water to get the best results.

Leaves compressed at 350g weight now around 320g, this tea can be stored for many years.

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