Trade and Wholesale

If you are a Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bistro or Tearoom get in touch because we supply our fine range of tea and coffee wholesale to the trade across the UK.

We operate a very simple system here at The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company:

  • If you are looking for cheap tea or coffee at rock bottom prices to sell on at high prices, then please go elsewhere. We only offer the very highest quality tea and coffee from around the world and offer them at prices where we both can make a profit. You don't want another tea and coffee company to go bust on you and have all the hassle of looking for a new supplier yet again.
  • We do not have accounts with anyone, we pay all suppliers up front allowing us to get the best prices and delivery from them, and in return for this we expect you to do the same allowing us both to benefit from this very simple system.
  • We source our products from around the world, so if you need something special you do not see on our site, please get in touch and we may be able to find it for you.
  • Fed up with having to purchase large bulk quantities, stock sitting around and not selling, buy from us and you can start with 100g to see if you and your customers like it, you can offer specials without the risk!
  • Once approved you will be given a discount code to enter at checkout giving you your discount.
  • What you see on our site is what we have in stock at that moment in time, place your order quickly, confirm and pay to secure your products. They do change hourly and this is the truth, not a trick to get you to buy.
Please note: 500g and 1kg bulk bags may not always be dispatched the same day, so please allow 4 to 6 days for delivery.