Bo Lei, Po Nee or Pu-Erh Tea

Bo Lei, Po Nee or Pu-Erh, depending on how it is transcribed from the Chinese, and on whether you are speaking Cantonese or Mandarin.

A unique speciality from Yunnan, highly regarded for its health benefits.
Pu Erh, known as 'red tea', is produced from the same plant as black tea. However, it's production is rather special. Unlike the fermentation process of black tea, Pu Erh is fermented with the aid of special bacteria that results in its deep reddish brown colour and smoky flavour.

Pu Erh is recognized as a diet aid and digestion support.
It is recommended to drink Pu-Erh three times a day for three months as part of your weight loss diet. After three months, help to maintain the desired weight by drinking one cup per day.