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Waste Plastic, How Can We Help?

Posted by Martin Birkhead on

Waste Plastic, How Can We Help? We were as horrified as you when watching Blue Planet 2 reporting on the impact plastics are having in our oceans.

UPDATE: We now offer a 100% plastic free service, just add "yes please" or "plastic free" in the notes box at checkout. 

We have switched from using self adhesive plastic packaging tape to gummed paper tape, we would now ask for your help? Feedback on the condition of your parcels would be much appreciated, we would like to know that the gummed paper tape withstands the rigours of the Royal Mail. If successful this will be a permanent replacement.

We are also offering to fill your containers when you visit the shop again to avoid plastic movement as we have contracts in place with certified companies to recycle all our waste products.

If you would like you goods in plastic free packaging, once your order is placed send us an email to ask "Plastic Free" and we will ship in food safe paper bags. You will have to transfer your goods to air tight containers as soon as possible after they arrive.

Please feel free to contact us with any other ideas which we could investigate to try and reduce our plastic waste.

UPDATE: In reply to Andy's comments, if all teas were the same it would be a lot easier for us agreed, but as tea is a dry leaf it quickly absorbs any odours near it, so we can not store it in paper it must be plastic. Leaving Earl Grey next to Green Sencha and within 10 days the Sencha has picked up the natural bergamot flavour. Which is why we are happy to supply "most" teas plastic free but you must transfer as soon as they arrive.

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