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Subscription Service

Subscription Service. Never run out of your favourite tea again.

Subscribe and not only will we make sure you have a ready supply of the teas you love to drink most but we’ll also give you a discount.

How does it work?

Easy. Select your quantity as normal, then click subscribe and save and choose, then select how often you would like it to be delivered, weekly, fortnightly, monthly – whatever suits your tea drinking habits.

Once you’ve paid for the first order your subscription is in place and you will receive the subscription discount on your next order.

We’ll post the first order and then dispatch subsequent orders at the frequency you have chosen.

Not quite ready for the next batch of tea? Don’t worry, we’ll email you before taking payment and you can alter the delivery date, product choice or cancel at any time.

When you subscribe we’ll automatically give you a discount of 2.5% off each order after your first order is delivered.

So put your feet up and enjoy a nice cup of tea, knowing that you’ll never run out of your favourite brew again.