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Blue Tea ~ Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

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The butterfly pea flower makes for quite an interesting cup of tea.  As you drop a few flowers into your mug and add some boiling water, the steep releases a vivid deep blue hue that is beautiful to watch.  The infusion creates an aroma similar to green tea but more woody and earthy to the palate.  Add some freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice and the blue shade turns violet.  It's impossible not to stare down at your cup as the colours are too pretty to ignore. 
Clitoria ternatea


The Benefits:

*  Strengthens the hair for healthy hair growth
*  Prevents skin bruising
*  Keeps skin glowing & healthy
*  Treats urinary problems
*  Improves eyesight & night vision
*  Treats eye infections
*  Stimulates blood circulation
*  Detoxifies the whole body
*  Provides antioxidants
*  Slows the ageing process
*  Enhances immune system 


Cup Colour: Blue
Amount of tea per cup: 1 heaped teaspoon.
Brewing time: 10 min.