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Coffee Beans

Perfect coffee for perfect people 

Please do not let the name fool you, not only do we supply the United Kingdom’s finest range of tea-based products, but we also have a market for all of you coffee lovers too!

For well over a thousand years people have been perfecting the art of crafting and consuming coffee, with an ever-growing variety of flavours and blends appearing year after year. From as early as the very first man to taste the sweet red berry, a goat herder who is fabled to have danced in delight with his animals at the taste, to the modern-day commuter savouring every drop of that wake-me-up cup of java.

The magic of the humble coffee bean has become a necessity for many in day to day life and a permanent fixture from casual catch ups at home to formal business meetings, the preparation of cups becoming a unique art form.

Luckily for all of you coffee cravers out there we have all of the magical goodness now available from our site. For those of you who are no longer satisfied with the same old products that are stocked by several high-street retailers we are confident our selection below will have any coffee connoisseur coming back for more.

We have our own in-house blends to keep you going. Brecon Blend coffee boasts a delicious syrupy body, well-balanced taste, hints of citrus fruit and a nutty finish. An aromatic medium-roast coffee which works perfectly as an everyday coffee. Brecon Mahogany speaks for itself, a classic blend of arabica and robusta beans which have been dark roasted to create a cinder-toffee sweetness and a dusting of cocoa in the after-taste. Strong but not overpowering, this is a highly distinctive, full-bodied coffee.

A subscription service is also available for any of your favourite beans, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

Affordable, crisp and unique - wake up and smell the great stuff!