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Colombian Tea

Although the South American country of Colombia is best known for its crisp coffee beans it also grows some of the richest tea we have ever tasted.

Despite the typical tropical temperatures and general humidity year-round, there are certain stretches of mountain ranges where the climate is perfect for expertly growing tea.

Currently we present you with a gorgeous Colombian Black tea which not only has a strong and irresistible flavour, but it is also 100% organic!

This fine, mild Black tea has nuances of fruit and honey providing a calming character yet full and satisfying flavour. This tea is grown from the soil of ‘Departamento del Choco’ in the northwest of Colombia which is full of all the best minerals, this coupled with the areas proximity to the equator creates the perfect recipe required for growing tea due to the 14 hours of exposure to sunlight.

To create that awe-inspiring reaction that is often provided by Colombia’s finest coffees we suggest a single slightly heaped teaspoon per cup, and an approximate brew time of 3-4 minutes.

Pricing is £13.10 per 100g so not only is this an exquisite Black tea, it is also entirely affordable. A subscription service is also available, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

Go ahead - Indulge yourself in this truly rare and exotic experience!