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Sustainability Action Plan

Sustainability Action Plan

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd Sustainability Action Plan

We're doing our best to help in tackling climate change and living more sustainably. Our sustainability action plan presents our long term goals.

Our aims:

  • reducing carbon emissions

  • improving air quality

  • encouraging greener, healthier lifestyles

  • improving green spaces and wildlife

  • raising environmental awareness.

Action we're taking:

The plan was launched in 2018. It presents various actions we’ve committed to take by 2022 including:

  • aiming for a 100% plastic free dispatch area. All boxes, packing and tapes must be recyclable and from sustainable sources.

  • upgrading gas heating in warehouse to reduce usage.

  • were possible replacing carriers who are not committed to our ethics.

  • work with suppliers to bulk deliveries together to save on fuel costs.

  • work with suppliers to reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging.

  • Work with growers to reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Our approach:

We work with all our staff members to increase our sustainability issues inside our workplace. Where it's relevant, we expect our suppliers to meet environmental standards in the services and goods they provide too.