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Detox Tea

Natural, affordable, delicious.

Detox & Wellness Tea


Peruse through our broad selection of Detox and Wellness teas, each one composed from a variety of natural ingredients of the finest quality. Some of our teas are made with South African Roobois leaves, which are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities, promoting pancreatic health. We also have a selection of multivitamin and herb infused teas to help soothe and relax the body and mind, as well as our tangy fruit teas which will energise you from your very core. Some of our products are certified organic, so you can rest assured they are free from any added chemicals, providing a 100% natural experience.


Each tea has a specific suggested brewing time so that you can make sure that you get that perfect cup with all the best effects. Our prices range from £4.30 to £7.20, so not only are our products healthy for the body, they are healthy for your wallet too!

A subscription service is also available for any of your favourite teas and herbals, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.


Whether you’re a tea or herbal fanatic yourself, or you’re looking for that perfect soul warming gift for someone who is, we are confident that this range will provide you with what you are looking for.