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Chinese Tea

Chinese teas are some of the most prominent in the world, notable for their position throughout Chinese culture.

Plain, scented or compressed, all of the variations of these teas stem from the Camellia Senesis plant, an evergreen shrub of which the leaves and buds are used for crafting tea.

Chinese Tea Leaves

All of these teas can be classified into five categories: Post-Fermented, White tea, Black tea, Oolong and Green.

Most White teas are commonly harvested from the Fujian province of China and are lightly oxidized in contrast to Black teas which are the highest oxidized of the five categories, providing it with a stronger flavour. Although black tea according to tradition is most commonly consumed within the Western world, it has slowly grown competition from various Green teas. Green tea is created from leaves that have undergone minimal oxidation during processing and the many variants are known mostly for their positive effects on general health and wellbeing. Oolong teas are especially popular with Southern Chinese tea connoisseurs and Chinese expatriates in Southeast Asia and are produced from long curled tail-like leaves hence the English translation of its name to ‘Black Dragon’.

As you can see we go far to make sure that we bring our customer the finest teas with the richest history, all of course sustainably grown!

The prices for these teas range from £3.90 to £38.90 depending on flavour, source and weight. A subscription service is also available for any of your favourite teas, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

Whether it is Sichuan, Yunnan, Guangdong or Fujian – we are confident that these teas are of the finest quality in the world… pop the kettle on and enjoy!