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Tea Strainers, Infusers & Whisks

Strainers, Infusers and Whisks. Despite the common notion of ‘just add water’ the real secret to the perfect cup of tea is all about the preparation, using the correct utensils to store and brew your teas will truly make all the difference.

Remember it is always best to keep tea in an airtight container to prevent cross contamination from other odours polluting the flavour and using the best equipment when brewing your tea is just as important.

Below you will find our fantastic range of whisks, strainers and infusers which go hand in hand with our variety of exquisite products.

Loose Tea Infusers & Strainers

We have a stylish selection of Matcha tea bowls and whisk holders available in either a deep forest green, bold beige or sapphire blue, each one intricately sculpted by hand. The handmade all-natural Matcha whisks we provide, manufactured from a single piece of white bamboo and crafted into fine bristles providing a rustic feel.

Modern quality infusers and strainers are made from stainless steel, available in an array of styles and sizes which allow for easy use and cleaning. Not to mention that they are easily available to use with an assortment of kettles, pots, cups and more!

Of course, no true tea collection would be complete without a classic style Blue Italian tea strainer and rest set from Spode. Timeless and charming, this iconic piece of kitchenware makes the perfect gift for any avid tea lover.

How to use a Tea Strainer?

When brewing the perfect cup of tea for your tastes, it takes a synergistic combination of the amount of tea you add, the water temperature and the brewing time. All our products come with our recommended quantity and brew time (in our opinion), and as everyone’s taste is different, we suggest you experiment with this to find your perfect cup

Using a tea strainer allows you to add the loose leaf tea directly to your teapot, giving the leaves plenty of space to expand and infuse all their flavour and natural benefits. The type of teapot you use can also influence your brew, and we detail this on our blog. You can then place your strainer on top of you cup and use the stainless steel mesh to collect any tea leaves which come out with your infusion. Our Fancy Tea Strainer then has a drip bowl which can be used to prevent any mess once you are done serving everyone with your delicious tea.

How to use a Tea Infuser?

Tea infusers come in two main designs, the In Cup style infuser which has two arms which rest on the rim of the cup with a mesh basket which sits within the cup. These are the most versatile tool in any tea aficionado’s arsenal, as they have plenty of volume inside to allow for the tea leaves to enlarge and infuse all their flavour into your tea. Our In Cup infuser also has an extremely fine mesh which allows you to use this for a comprehensive range of teas, without having to turn to a wide array of infusers and strainers.

The other style of infuser is a sealed mesh, ball or basket, which is suspended in the cup, with a chain that is rested over the rim of the cup, much like a teabag. With the key difference being that the tea has far greater room in these infusers to expand, as opposed to a teabag which prevents transfer of all the vital nutrients. Once you have selected your chose tipple, simply fill up and seal the unit and place in the cup. Then gradually add the water at the desired temperature and leave undisturbed to infuse and remove.

Where to Buy a tea infusers and tea strainers?

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company supplies a comprehensive range of tea ware, including but certainly not limited to, a wide array of stainless steel infusers of designs to tempt any connoisseur.

Explore our goods, you will not be disappointed! Prices vary between products although a subscription service is also available, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

For further instructions on the use of any of these products simply select them for a wider explanation.

The number one equipment for any true tea connoisseur… Happy brewing!