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Yellow Tea

You may think you know your teas from Black to White and from Red to Green tea, however there is an increasingly rare and expensive variety of tea out there which we are pleased to be able to provide to you – Yellow tea.

Chinese Yellow Tea

The process for creating yellow tea is very similar to the steps used to create the common Green tea, however in order to create a yellow tea the leaves are encased and steamed. By steaming tea leaves they are oxidized at a much lower rate thus producing a much more mellow taste in comparison to that of Green teas. This slower process of oxidizing the leaves is what provides the slight gold colouring as they begin to dry, it is also this light oxidation that finds Yellow tea often placed in to the same category as White tea.

The primary aim of creating Yellow tea is the preservation of health qualities provided by many Green teas without the earthy characteristics. In doing so many people have speculated that Yellow tea is much healthier as this reduction of grassy flavour makes it easier on the stomach.

Below we provide you with a high grade HuoShan Huangya Yellow tea sourced from the Anhui province of HuoShan county, China. It has an unforgettable orchid aroma and warm chestnut flavouring with a variety of health benefits including cholesterol reduction, liver repair, and anti-aging qualities.

Due to farmers in China manufacturing the more cost-effective Green tea, Yellow tea has become increasingly rare making it a more expensive and highly sought after product. With its alluring fragrance, great taste and many positive health benefits this tea is well set to becoming the next great success story within the world of tea.