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Fruit Infusions

Below you will find a succulent selection of our finest fruit infusions, each one expertly blended to provide a tantalising taste and fresh fragrance.

Fruity Tea

Flavours include an interesting blend of sweet and spicy with our Rosemary & Raspberry blend that is sure to make your taste buds tingle.

We also supply a soft and serene Peach Garden infusion which has a counter taste of extravagant Bourbon Vanilla, a thirst-quenching infusion that is also entirely caffeine free!

For those need that tangy pick me up on those cold winter days we offer Fiery Cherry a fierce blend of Hibiscus, zesty Orange peel, Morello Cherries and added Cherry juice, a powerful blast of fruity goodness that is sure to shake away those winter blues.

The newest addition to our range is our Tropical Sunshine tea which is a mild fruit infusion with all the expected flavour from a tropical tea, and then some. It will seduce your pallet with mouth-watering Mandarin and Mango, a truly exotic experience, enjoyed nicely either with a cup of hot water or poured over ice for that refreshing feeling.

The prices for this selection range from £4.20 to £5.20 depending of flavour and weight. A subscription service is also available for any of your favourite infusions, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

Whether you’re a tea fanatic yourself, or you’re looking for that perfect soul warming gift for someone who is, we are confident that this range will provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Tangy, exotic and completely addictive!