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Fruit Infusion Tea from The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Fruit infusion tea

Drinking tea is an all-time favourite for many people across the different age brackets who love taking tea during or after meal times, the UK we each contribute to the 165 million cups drunk each day.

Tea comes in several categories; green tea, black tea, red tea, yellow tea, white tea, herbal tea and fruit infusions tea as well. The taste depends on the content of the drink whether it’s from green leaves, black leaves, white leaves or a mixed blend of fruits.

However, the emphasis in this post is on fruit infusion tea, and we shall look at its benefits to health and wellbeing including the variety of flavours obtainable from these infusion teas. You can also get information on the different types of fruits used for the infusion tea in the list on our website at

Any kind of tea is healthy –without sugar- regardless of the ingredient, and fruit infusion tea is no different, you drink it with no milk or sugar. The infusion retains the flavour and characteristics of the fruit it’s made from because it’s natural and delicious. The infusion is made from 100% natural fruits which have not been processed with any type of sugar or sweetener, making it a healthy, invigorating and an energy boosting drink.

What makes fruit infusion tea unique?

The tea boosts the immune system, and it's ideal for preventing flu, colds, and other illnesses. It serves as an antioxidant to protect the body from toxins and helps to flush out harmful substances in the system.

Fruit infusion tea has fantastic health benefits so you should give it a try as it’s a better alternative to fizzing sugary drinks and even fruit juices. Integrating fruit tea into your diet every day makes you healthier and enhances your nutrient level consumption.

The fruit infusion tea is a delicious drink bursting with different colours and exquisite taste. It’s rich in nutrients and could help you rehydrate with a sweet cup while on the go or after a hard day at work.

Fruit infusion teas are uniquely versatile because they can be relished either hot or cold in winter and summer seasons. You could make iced drinks and cocktails using the infusion tea, and they are refreshing, tasty, and free of caffeine in comparison to coffee.

Fruit infusion teas are ideal for any occasion you could think of, and they come in bursting attractive colours due to the specific fruit added and blended together. You could get Apple, Fiery Cherry, Peach, Red Fruit Pudding, Raspberry, Rhubarb-Cream, Strawberry, Tropical fruits. The drink is wholly made using natural ingredients, and each cup gives off an aroma and taste as per the description with the various fruit blends and varieties you could choose from according to your desired taste.

Furthermore, they are perfect anytime of the year and could be served at different temperatures. It’s often used in Iced Tea recipes and a great drink after supper or late at night. Due to its lack of caffeine and high vitamin content, the fruit infusion tea can be taken before bedtime without fear of insomnia in comparison to coffee.

You should go for fruit infusion tea anytime to enjoy its health benefits and stay hydrated with the necessary vitamins as the tea is particularly rich in Vitamin C.

Have you tried a fruit infusion tea as part of your diet? You could include the fruit infusion tea as a daily drink for good health and vitality.

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