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(Not) Just Peachy, but full of flavour…

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

(Not) Just Peachy…

Peach Garden, not a tea but a fruit infusion with (clue is in the title) a soft peach flavour. Close your eyes and drift away with this tropical tasting gold star recommendation from theuklooseleafteacompany. Blended peach flavouring along with; hibiscus, apple, rosehip peel, apricot, marigold petals, rooibos, almond, rose petal, and last but not least, a gentle hint of cinnamon – phew; a lot goes into this wonderfully refreshing imbibe. A fruit infusion is a good way to relax after a strenuous workout (or just sat at your desk swiveling on you chair wondering whether to pop the kettle on) a Peach Garden can be drunk hot or cold (ice cold is delicious) whilst making the most of this Indian(ish) summer, fruity tea always seems more appropriate in the summertime, however, cheer yourself up at anytime with the fruit infusion feel good taste. theuklooseleafteacompany however, does not endorse the following: Swiveling on your chair (the boss may think you do not have enough work to do! Oh and of course not forgetting Health & Safety) or, drifting away (this also could result in a higher expectation of daily output and again Health & Safety rules apply) if we can be of any further use in the workplace imbibe and handy tip department here at theuklooseleafteacompany, please do not hesitate to peruse our website (where the best flavours and customer service is paramount) for the tastiest of tea's and bite size recommendations.

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