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The Perfect Dessert Pairings For Loose Leaf Tea

Posted by George Butlin on

The Perfect Dessert Pairings For Different Types of Tea

Here at the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company we often get asked the question, “which tea goes best with which dessert?”. So we have done our best to come up with some ideas which work, but please do not hesitate to let us know your favourites too!

Afternoon Tea pairings - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company

Tea and desert options are numerous so there is no right or wrong way to produce this list but we feel this is a good place to start, and act as a guide for you to experiment and see which tea and desert pairings best suit your palate. 

Which desserts to pair with Black Tea?

Assam because of its strong dark colour and tannins, this tea goes well with a strong profile type of dessert, carrot cake and ginger cake. Our favourite pairing is a strong and malty cup of Organic Assam Garden, with a slice of homemade Battenberg.

Ceylon's tend to work very well with a dark fruit based dessert. With our personal recommendation being a pot of Ceylon Orange Pekoe, with a big bowl of Blackberry Crumble.

Earl Grey, always works well with a citrus based dessert or dark bitter chocolate. So we think its best to combine both flavour profiles and have Dark Chocolate and Orange Brownie with a delicately balanced and fragrant sip of Earl Grey Finest Tea

Chinese black teas have sweeter notes to them so stick to a lighter dessert.


Which Dishes To Have With Oolong Tea?

Oolong teas have a complex aroma, from deep earthy, to floral sweetness, ranging between green and black teas. Light pastries, fruit scones paired with this tea is simply delicious. You could also try light fruit based desserts and syrup desserts. And as an added bonus after your dessert Oolong teas have always been associated with digestive benefits, which are alleged to help burn the bodies fat. Meaning you can have plenty of clotted cream on our all time favourite combination of freshly baked scones and Dong Ding Oolong Tea

Cakes to have with Oolong Tea

Which Desserts To Have With White Tea?

White tea has a subtle, floral flavour, so if you pair this with a strong flavour dessert you will loose the tea flavours.  The tea combines better with acidic notes, grapes, strawberries, melons, fruit tarts, and pies complement it beautifully. Or, try it with light flaky desserts, white tea is light and floral enough to enhance any light simple dessert. We love pairing this French Strawberry Tart, with a delicious cup of China Cui Min White Tips Organic.

Cakes to have with White Tea

What Pairs Well With Green Tea?

Japanese green teas, have a natural slight salty mineral base to them so these are best paired with dark chocolate. When feeling like a convenient treat, we often pair a Japanese Sencha Kukicha Green Tea with a square (or two) of our favourite dark chocolate.

Chinese green teas, are again great with dark chocolate as the earthy floral flavour will bring out the fruity and earthy flavours of the chocolate. Often offered is Dragonwell or Longjing tea, a nutty flavor green tea, this is better with paired with Almond Biscotti or a nutty cheese cake or just cheese. Jasmine Pearls or Jasmine green tea combines better with, grapes, strawberries, melons, fruit tarts, and pies complement it beautifully. Or, try it with light flaky desserts, the jasmine will enhance any light simple dessert.

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