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Japanese Tea

From sencha and other straight green teas to roasted hojicha tea, genmaicha tea with roasted brown rice to matcha green tea powder for the Japanese tea ceremony, Japanese tea is a rich and varied world that is holding increasing amounts of fascination for tea enthusiasts here in the UK.

The vast majority of tea drunk in Japan is some form of green tea. All green tea, from the standard brews to the best green teas in Japan and other countries, is packed to the brim with health benefits. As well as the small amounts of caffeine some of us need in the morning to get started with the day, green tea also contains plenty of antioxidants for body function and protection, amino acids that aid caffeine in brain function without causing the jittery ‘buzz’ of coffee, compounds that aid in weight loss and weight management, and anti-aging agents that are particularly good for the skin.

Read on to find out more about the numerous health benefits of green tea, and how to make each type of tea properly to derive the best flavour.