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Subscribe and Save Service.

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 Did you know?

You Never Have to Run Out of Tea with our Subscribe and Save Service. 

Subscribe and save money on tea delivered directly to your door!.

How Does Our Tea Subscribe and Save Service Work?

Subscription Service - Never run out of your favourite tea again.

Subscribing to the service, we make sure you never run out of your favourite tea, but then also discounts are available!

Just select the quantity you want as you would, then click subscribe and save option, select on what frequency you want the deliveries, days, dates etc and any other relevant details asked for.

Once the payment goes through for the first order your subscription (and savings!) starts and the discount on your tea will be added for you!

The first order will be posted then other deliveries will arrive as and when you have instructed.

Haven’t used as much as you thought you would? No problem, we will email you before a transaction goes through then you can change the details accordingly to suit.

Subscribe and save means you will automatically get a discount of 2.5% on each order after the first delivery has been posted.

So take a load off, have a nice cuppa, enjoy the tea that you have chosen, knowing that you’ll never run out again.

Why is it a Good Service?

When you are offered the option and agree, you will Never Run out of your Favourite Tea! 

Nothing worse than, after a long day, you need to have a sit-down, you reach for the tea, and the caddy is empty! 

For an item you use on a daily basis, using the Subscribe and Save option you don’t have to worry and you get a discount! So shop with confidence safe in the knowledge you will always have your favourite tea to hand as well as extra change in your pocket

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