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Our Top Three Coffee Beans 2017

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Our Top Three Coffee Beans 2017

Before you say it, yes, we know we are called The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company and therefore we sell loose leaf teas – and you’re right, that was the case. But us our popularity grew our customers wanted more and more from us so we introduced some amazing coffee beans from Brazil to our selection of products too, and they’ve been selling like hot cakes; or hot coffee rather?

In this article we would like to tell you about our top three coffee beans that have been going down very well among our customers, Blend No 8 Coffee, House Blend Coffee and Decaffeinated Coffee Beans.

Blend No 8 Coffee Beans
Our Blend No 8 Coffee is created from coffee beans from Brazil, Indonesia and El Salvador. The coffee beans are natural and washed, handpicked and hand pulped while being ethically sourced from only the finest coffee growers of Asia and South America.
When drinking Blend No 8 coffee you will experience a sweet yet complex blend offering a rounded and velvety body with berry and stone fruit aromas. Although Blend No 8 has been especially designed for espresso coffee, as a milk-based coffee it is smooth and mellow with delicious flavours of milk chocolate and sweet vanilla.

House Blend Coffee Beans
This coffee is created from a blend of naturally handpicked and pulped beans from Brazil, washed El Salvador and monsooned India specialist Arabica beans, and as always, they are sourced ethically from the very finest coffer growers that South America and Asia have to offer.
Our house blend coffee offers a big and full bodied espresso that had a naturally sweet caramel flavour to offer a well balanced and rounded coffee with a muted acidity. If you choose to have the house blend as a milk based coffee you will enjoy a coffee that is sweet, creamy smooth and rich, all of which is complimented by scrumptious dark chocolate flavours.

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans
Here at The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company, we don’t think that you should miss out on flavour just because you opt for decaf coffee beans so we still offer the same high quality coffee beans to our decaf customers too. Our decaf coffee is created from naturally pulped beans from the region of Cerrado in Brazil before being decaffeinated with the famous Swiss Water decaffeination method.
If you choose to have this decaffeinated coffee as an espresso you will be treated to a strong drink with a full body, soft acidity and undertones of toast and roasted nuts; however when you add milk you will notice this brings out the dark chocolate flavours to create a rich mouthful.

Why not order our coffee beans now, there’s a reason these are our top 3 selling coffee beans!

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