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Dandelion Coffee – A Healthier Alternative.

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Dandelion Coffee – A Healthier Alternative.

Dandelion Coffee – A Healthier Alternative.


History of Dandelion Coffee.

Dandelion coffee is not new, in fact it has been around a long time, it was first mentioned in an article in the 1830’s in the New York Albion discussing its health and wellness properties and the dandelion root has been used for medicinal purposes since Egyptian times and is also a common Chinese medicine ingredient.

It is known for its detoxifying properties; the dandelion root pieces have a similar appearance to coffee and ultimately taste. The ‘grounds’ are produced from mature dandelion plants aged two years or more and are roasted to create the Dandelion coffee grounds. And as the old wives’ tale goes, Dandelions make you ‘wee the bed’ is somewhat true as the Dandelion plant is one of nature’s most efficient diuretic.

Benefits of Dandelion Coffee.

As well as the detoxifying properties, dandelion root helps in reducing inflammation, aiding constipation as well has having prebiotic properties that support a healthy gut. It is also recommended for those diagnosed in the early stages of Type 2 diabetes. If you are looking for an alternative to regular coffee and one that carries numerous health benefits and wellness properties it is well worth considering switching to Dandelion Coffee as a healthier alternative. It is also naturally caffeine free, if you are looking to kick the caffeine habit and our Dandelion Coffee is Vegan Friendly. What should be noted about Dandelion is that it is a natural diuretic, (encouraging the emptying of the bladder.) so if you are prone to a weak bladder, it should be drank in moderation.

You might also be interested in our Pine Needle Tea a rich and caffeine free alternative to help with flu symptoms.

Buying Dandelion Coffee.

You can purchase Dandelion Coffee direct from The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company. If you already shop with us, consider adding some to your next order, all delivered direct to your doorstep and with orders over £35.00 you will get free delivery too. You can purchase Dandelion Coffee from as little as packs of 100g (Ideal for sampling), 500g and 1000g bags. You can also save money with our subscribe and save option.

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