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Pine Needle Tea

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Pine Needle Tea

Our Pine Needle Tea has the health benefit of being caffeine-free, and high in Vitamin C, A and Suramin. We know exactly where our pine needles come from, so you know where to buy pine needle tea. We source from the remote forests of Romania to our factory in the Brecon Beacons, enabling you to buy and brew with ease.

Preferred Scientific Name: Picea abies, the Norway spruce or European spruce.

How to Make Pine Needle Tea

1, Put your Pine Needles into a Tea Infuser or teapot, use 2g to 3g depending on taste.

3, Pour freshly drawn boiled water which has been left to sit for 2 minutes, over the leaves.

4, Allow it to steep for 10 to 20 minutes.

Best served plain but honey or lemon can be added.

What is Pine Needle Tea?

Pine Tea is brewed from the dried young green leaves of the pine tree, and has a delicious taste and smell.

What are the health benefits of Pine Needles?

Pine Needles are said to have numerous health benefits, including boosting immunity against cold and flu, with Pine Needle Tea having high levels of Vitamin C & A, Suramin, and Shikimic Acid.

Is all Pine Needle Tea Safe to drink?

Many people wonder, especially around Christmas, 'What Pine Needles are Safe for Tea?' Not all varieties are safe to drink and can contain toxins, this is the pine needle tea danger to look out for. We ensure ours are only sourced from trusted suppliers, so that you get the pine tea benefits.

Unless otherwise stated, the products supplied are to the best of our knowledge free from nut, nut derivatives, and allergens. The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company does handle some nut and allergen products but follows careful handling and segregation procedures. However, due to the nature of the products supplied, it is impossible for the Company to absolutely guarantee that no cross-contamination has taken place at some point in the supply chain prior to delivery at our premises

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