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What is Organic Tea?

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on


What is Organic Tea?


We all know that the fewer additives and preservatives in something the better it tends to be for us. But when it comes to organic tea, this is the tea that has been certified organic and is 100% free of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.  

The agriculture of organic tea makes the health of the soil, the ecosystem and the support of farmers sustainable. 

Organic tea agriculture relies on biodiversity. The cycle is adapted to local conditions, ecological processes, and it combines innovative and traditional methods to benefit everybody. 

But what is the difference between organic tea and regular tea? Well, organic simply means there are no chemicals. And that will be one of the most explicit distinctions between organic tea and conventional tea.  

Choosing organic tea often supports better growing methods and micro-organisms.  

And the main benefit to you as a consumer is there are no chemicals in your end cup. 

Tea has been around for thousands of years, originally everything was organic. There was no need for organic production at all.  

When people wanted more tea more quickly, technology advanced to meet those needs. Causing the use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides that get used today. 

All tea was organic, and when you buy organic, you are having tea as it was traditionally meant to be had. You’ll be able to spot an organic tea as it will be labelled.  

Whereas tea that is not organic, and thus there are some synthetic pesticides and others chemicals in, will not be labelled as organic.

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company offer a wide range of organic teas, as well as eco friendly packaging with minimum waste. So if you are looking for a greener and more friendlier to the environment cup of tea take a look at our range and choose from Assam Garden tea to Colombian Malty Organic Tea, and many others. In fact our range also allows you to mix and blend your own organic tea for the perfect cup of tea to suit you and your family and friends. Try our organic tea range today

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