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Our 2017 Top Ten Green Teas

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Our 2017 Top Ten Green Teas.

Top Ten Green Teas You Must Try

At the UK Loose Leaf Tea Company, we want to help you to find your favourite teas. We are always on the search for new teas to add to our extensive and ever-growing collection. Our passionate search for the best quality, beneficial and delicious teas takes us far and wide but means we can offer you, or your business, tasty, refreshing and healthy teas within days.

With such an extensive range, it can be overwhelming to decide which one of our many green teas to try. For your ease and to help you begin your loose leaf green tea journey with us, here are our ten most popular green teas that we sell and why they are so special.

How to prepare green tea

To ensure you have the best tasting experience with our top ten green teas, it is essential to make green tea correctly. Without the right preparation, you can ruin the flavour of the tea, and it will end up becoming bitter and unappetizing.

Make sure to use fresh water that hasn’t quite boiled. Usually, water between 80-90 works best. Pour the water over the tea and leave to infuse for around 60 seconds. Depending on the variety, each brewing time will vary. If you are making a second pot of tea from the same leaves, you can increase the water temperature slightly to almost boiling but make sure to reduce the infusion time.

Our best-selling top ten green teas

Gunpowder Organic Green Tea

Our most popular green tea by far is our organic gunpowder variety. The pellets of tea formed from the withering and steaming process resemble gunshots and powder, hence its mighty name. Once the pellets are steeped, they unfurl, so they release the unique flavour and many nutrients. Being organic, there are no harmful pesticides added to the tea leaves, so the tea is pure and retains all of its natural flavours.

Flavour: smooth, light and slightly herby

Chun Mee Organic Green Tea

Chun Mee is a very popular tea, its name means ‘precious eyebrow’, and this relates to the shape the leaves are rolled in. Where green tea can be quite sweet, Chun Mee is undoubtedly tangier, making it the perfect refreshing brew. Our variety of Chun Mee is organic, so no harmful pesticides have been used on the tea leaves.

Flavour: tangy, bright and refreshing.

Jasmine with Petals Green Tea

Delicate and floral, our green tea with jasmine petals has a refined flavour. Jasmine is deeply relaxing, helping to de-stress you and is perfect for sedating the nervous system and improving your mood. The green tea also offers many benefits including the anti-ageing antioxidant properties.

Flavour: delicate, sweet and calming.

China Jasmine Silver Dragon Pearls Organic Tea

An exceptional tea that is made with love. The pearls are rolled by hand one the tea leaves have been infused and scented with the jasmine petals. The fact that the petals are removed from the tea ensures a delicate and very subtle jasmine flavour.

Flavour: fresh, mild and delicately floral.

Lotus Blossom Tea

An authentic taste of the Orient. Green tea is carefully balanced with petals and nectar from the lotus flower to create a fruity, delicate and delicious tea. For rejuvenation and rebalancing, the lotus blossom tea is ideal with its fresh flavours of mango and exotic fruits.

Flavour: sweet, fresh and fruity.

Green Keemun Congou

A brilliant yet rare tea, green Keemun Congou offers a beautifully complex flavour. It features a tangy sweetness as well as a delicate floral aroma which works together to make a drink that is bold yet balanced. It is smooth, distinctive and refined and is undoubtedly a tea to savour.

Flavour: slightly sweet with a powerful aroma.

Earl Grey Green Sencha Decaffeinated Tea

A decaffeinated tea makes this variety the perfect drinking choice for the evening. The tea is a fresh and citrusy take on the classic English variety with flavours of lemon and lime, spiked with herbal green characters and a distinctive bergamot finish.

Flavour: zingy, fresh and exciting

Ginger and Strawberry Green Tea

With an earthy, spicy warmness of ginger combined with a sharp sweet strawberry flavour, you have a green tea that is utterly tempting and the ideal sweet warming drink. Perfect for when you are feeling under the weather or just want a refreshing drink to rejuvenate the senses.

Flavour: spicy, sweet and fruity.

Gabalong Green Tea

The best choice for when you are feeling down, Gabalong tea is known for its healing properties. The tea is known for helping to relieve stress, helping to calm the mind and control your blood pressure as well as giving you the energy you need. For an instant mood-booster, this is the go-to tea.

Flavour: delicate, grassy and refreshing.

Eight Treasures Green Tea

Eight treasures green tea is considered an ancient elixir is known for its health benefits such as increased blood circulation, improved liver function and improving the immune system. It uses a range of ingredients such as star anise, rosehip peel and jasmine to give a well-balanced flavour.

Flavour: complex, herbal, invigorating.


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