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Choosing to use a Teapot or Tea Infuser

Posted by Martin Birkhead on

Teapot or Tea Infuser

Choosing to use a Teapot or Tea Infuser


There are many ways to achieve the perfect cuppa, but regardless of the type of tea, they all require the right equipment. One of the fundamental choices you need to make is whether to use a teapot or tea infuser. 

The experts at The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company have devised this quick guide to help you make an informed choice…


Traditional teapot

Just like granny always said, if you want a proper cup of tea you need a teapot. For real tea devotees there is simply no substitute for a good old teapot. 

Of course, they come in all shapes and sizes, from colourful novelty designs to timeless classics. Traditionally, British tea drinkers have preferred a larger teapot capable of filling the cup of the whole family. 

However, eastern teapots are much smaller, as are the size of the cups. They are also designed for brewing specific types of tea, such as Chinese or Japanese. 

If you intend to brew loose leaf tea in a traditional teapot, you can either find one with a strainer or use a portable strainer when pouring finer blends. Other options include paper or cotton filters. 

Overall, traditional teapots are ideal for beginners as they can brew everyday tea in large quantities and are also easy to clean.


Tea infusers

Infusers come in a dazzling variety of shapes and materials, including metal, glass, plastic and ceramics. They work by holding a certain amount of tea in a container which sits in the water, releasing the flavour through small holes. 

They are perfect for people who prefer tea blends, fruit tea or herbal teas. Larger infusers look similar to teapots, while you can also get smaller stick/tube versions which sit in a single cup of water. 

If you want to enjoy a cuppa at work or outside, you could try an infusing cup or travel mug which has a built-in tea container to release the flavour.


Find your perfect tea teapot or infuser

Here at The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company, we always have a wide range of teapots and infusers in stock with something to suit every taste and budget. Find out more at



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