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Looking for some hot stuff? - Red Chilli Chai

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

This rather hot composition is a real surprise. With base of Indian black assam tea, and flavourings of clove, cocoa beans, cinnamon, roasted liqourice root, black peppercorns and last but not least, chilli and some whole ones at that!!! I have tried most new inventions with chilli added, and I have to say “I liked them all”. However, I was a little dubious at first about chilli in my tea, but I love it; I think, here at theuklooseleafteacompany it's one of my absolute favourites. The taste if difficult to put into words as all the flavours can be tasted in one sip and the warmth of the chilli is apparent throughout; even to the smart fruity sweet taste (oddly) of strawberries. It isn't tongue numbingly hot, but a warm dance on your taste buds, it seems you don't only get an Oooo with a well known brand of tea! There is a mine field of alternative flavours just waiting to be discovered, and I for one, am looking forward to discovering them. So, with this delicious red chilli chai, You can have an indian summer whenever you feel like it? We brew for 3-4 minutes, no milk, no sugar; we tend to taste the teas raw (so to speak) so, please feel free to continue giving us your favourite recipes, ideas and reviews (good or not so good) we take all your comments on board, after all, it helps us bring to you; the most pleasurable tea drinking experience possible with teas from theuklooseleafteacompany. Shop now for red chilli chai.

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