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Chamomile Herbal Tea: Soothing, calming just lovely.

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Mild herbal infusion made from whole chamomile blossoms. The flowers are carefully processed to ensure they keep their typical tart-flowery character and taste. This drink is naturally caffeine free and is appreciated for it's benefits and soothing calming properties; and we here at theuklooseleafteaconpany have done our own study into the health benefits of this beverage. We all drank this for 1 week, we did actually notice a difference amongst our ranks, (that's all I can say without getting into trouble!). A reported study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, initially undertaken in 2009, indicated chamomile to have remarkable benefits in the treatment of anxiety and depression, we are not saying by any means, that this is a cure all, and can only report our findings for guidance, and possible further investigation; but we were very impressed. Chamomile, scientifically known as Matricaria recutita, is normally recommended and used by natural healers to treat digestive disorders, bouts of a cold, muscle spasm and cramps, skin rashes, aggrievated gums and infection. Of particular interest to the scientific and research community are the mood enhancing and insomniac combatative properties, all rolled into this little flowering herb. With a brewing time of 5 – 8 minutes, or longer if following any beneficial health research guidance.

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