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Fancy Sencha green tea well I do fancy that?….

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Fancy Sencha that?….

And here at the uklooseleafteacompany, we certainly do. An organic Japanese Sencha green tea, reported to be the most popular in Japan (according to our research) and representing approx 80% of tea produced. The ideal colour for a good Sencha tea is a greenish gold. The flavour can alter with the temperature of the water added, for example; hot water can produce a stronger more astringent flavour whereas a more temperate addition produces a quite mellow taste. Sencha leaves are exposed to sunlight throughout the life cycle, which encourages rapid growth. Sencha is high in vitamin C, it also contains Tannin which gives the unique sharp flavour. An important difference between Japanese green tea and other teas for example; black tea, oolong tea and Chinese green tea is, Japanese tea leaves are steamed after harvest, the process lasts approx 15-20 seconds, the tea is then put through a rolling process preventing the leaves from oxidation, therefore retaining the natural green colour, aroma and nutritional components. Green tea has long been the subject of many scientific and medical studies to determine if reported health benefits are founded. Some evidence reports that regular consumption may reduce the risk of developing heart disease, also certain types of cancer. Green tea has also been a key additive to health foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics. Green tea does not raise the metabolic rate enough to dispense with a healthy nutritious diet and exercise regime, however, certain natural chemicals contained in the extract has been shown to assist the metabolic rate by approx 4% without increasing the heart rate.

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