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Power to the people, with this spicy power Oolong tea

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Power to the people:

Spicy Power; this wellness tea is a wonderful blend of Oolong tea, orange peel, ginger, Cinnamon and black peppercorns, and is absolutely lush; if you like orange and ginger (and I certainly do), this is the one; I absolutely love it. Brewed for approx 3-4 minutes, each flavour seeps through in different stages, giving your taste buds a refreshing treat and the aroma is just as good (if not better) as any pot pourri! We at theuklooseleafteacompany would recommend this blend either as a morning pick you up, or, a refreshing summers day imbibe. I thought, especially as I have to taste so many varieties of tea, that it would become same old, same old; but no, still enjoying my job that much, I think I would do it for free (but don't tell the boss). I am having a go with the do it yourself teabags for my next review! Should be interesting (for me anyhow).

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