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June is ICED TEA MONTHIced tea is a sweet, refreshing, cold drink which can be...

Posted by Gaynor Birkhead on

Iced tea is a sweet, refreshing, cold drink which can be enjoyed all year round. It can be made in a number of flavours. It’s often served with ice cubes and sliced fruit, making it the perfect drink when you want to cool down. This Iced Tea Month why not chill out and relax with a glass?

If you’ve never tried iced tea before, Iced Tea Month is the perfect time to do so! It can be bought ready to drink, some cafés serve it, or you could even look up a recipe and have a go at making your own. If you don’t feel confident, you can sometimes buy powdered iced tea that you simply mix with water and enjoy. Iced tea has a rich heritage, having been enjoyed for at least 100 years, so another project idea to celebrate is researching its history.

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