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Let's tea off with Gunpowder: From the Camellis sinensis plant and the Zhejiang...

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Let's tea off with Gunpowder:

From the Camellis sinensis plant and the Zhejiang province of China, this green tea appeals to all with taste-buds of iron (metaphorically speaking of course), or, just anyone with a particular liking for tea with depth this a firm theuklooseleafteacompany favourite. If your day requires a bit of a kick-start, this is the one. Yellowy-green in colour, the leaves having been withered and steamed are rolled into small pellets without breaking the leaf veins, so that the enzymes or juices are not released. The pellets are then dried, which gives the tea the resemblance of gunshot/gunpowder which expand to release the flavour (not too be confused with real gunshot as the flavour is not nearly so good)

There are, although unproven, and clinical studies are on-going, alleged health benefits within the green tea range; one of which with regular intake, is the symptoms of cold and flu; which for legal reasons I will not swear on, but can be Google(d) (other search engines are available) for more info. For definite: Certified organic, zero calories, which is always good news, but it does contains caffeine (of which I am a personal fan) which should be taken into account by the more sensitive amongst us tea drinkers.

One slightly heaped teaspoon (according to taste) per cup, brewed for about 2-3 minutes, light the fuse and stand well back!

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