Darjeeling Risheehat Organic Tea ~ Autumn ~ SFTGFOP1

Darjeeling Risheehat Organic Tea ~ Autumn ~ SFTGFOP

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The Risheehat tea estate is high in the Himalayas. This Autumn tea has a slightly bubbly flowery taste from the autumn harvest. The leaves are picked when the climate cools down between early October until mid November. 

Black tea is stimulating after a short brewing time of 3 minutes. After prolonged brewing time, the tannin combines with the caffeine, this combination calms the intestines and stomach. 

However, after more than 5 minutes of brewing it can be bitter on the tongue and palate.

Cup Colour: yellow golden

Amount of tea per cup: 1 levelled teaspoon
Brewing time: 3 to 4 minutes.

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