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Rose Buds

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Rose Buds

Rose is definitely one of the miracles of nature due to its health benefits, unique flavour and aroma, beauty, and other extraordinary properties. There is no one in the world who is not familiar with this fascinating plant and has not used its products in his life. Rose Buds & Petals due to various properties, can be consumed in different ways and with different purposes. The wonderful flavour of this plant gives you comfort and pleasure.

This flower has amazing properties for human health. 

  • Sedative and antidepressant

  • Prevention of cancer

  • Treating fever

  • Rich vitamin C source

One of the most common ways to use this flower is to infuse it and use its tea. You can add the Rose Petals to the boiling water, and after 10 minutes the tea is ready for consumption. You can also combine this flower with green tea or black tea to get most of its properties and enjoy its fabulous taste.

Note: Not plastic-free.