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Pi Lo Chun - Spiral of Spring Jade ~ Spring 2019

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In Chinese it means "Spring Green Snail". It is also known as "Spiral of Spring Jade" or " Green Snail Spring". It is one of Chinese rare green teas of exceptional quality known all over the world.

Since its shape is like a snail and is collected in spring, it is then named as "spring snail tea". The shapes of each buds of Pi Lo Chun tea should be even and curled as snail. Its fine silver feather can be seen all over the leaf. When steeping in a glass cup, the tea leaves unroll, creating a wonder picture for its drinkers. The colour of spring snail tea is light green with refreshing smell. Its rich and mellow in taste is smooth and long-lasting.  

Amount of tea per cup: 1 slightly heaped teaspoon.
Brewing time: 2 min
Brand: Min Ran Yun Tea 
Origin Place: Chinese Taihu Lake 
Harvest Time: 2019 Spring 
Shelf Life:18 months

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