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Make Your Own Basket

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Make Your Own Basket

Make Your Own Basket?

1) Pick your chosen teas etc. and add to the cart (minimum of 3  x 100g products). You DO NOT get the teas free, you have to purchase them and add them to your cart.

2) Pick this Basket and add it to the cart.

3) Add a card at checkout if you require one.

The bamboo basket comes with red and/or green shredded paper and sealed in a clear wrap. Bubble wrapped in a carton directly to your door.

Please note we reserve the right to change any of the products for similar or higher value at the time of packing.

Please note we only have the one size basket and it is designed for a minimum of 3 x 100g products plus.

Sorry, there are no refunds on basket orders.

The picture is for example only showing 3 black teas and 1 mesh ball infuser.