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Ceremonial Grade Matcha Green Tea ~ Organic ~ Japan

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This is hand-picked Organic Matcha is of the highest quality Organic Matcha in Japan. For many years in Japan, it was considered impossible to grow hand-picked Organic Matcha. Only the highest quality tea leaves, to which the farmers have devoted much time and effort, can be hand-picked in Japan. It was believed to be impossible to grow well-managed tea leaves entitled to be hand-picked without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

If you are an ardent lover of organic teas, we are certain that you will be delighted with the deep mellow taste, elegant aroma, and bright color of the highest quality Organic Matcha in Japan.

Supplied in an airtight tin sealed inside for extra freshness.

Note: You are purchasing the tea only not the whisk.

How To Prepare.
First things first, put the kettle on and grab yourself a mug or if you want more authenticity, try using a chawan, a traditional Japanese tea cup.
Once the kettle has boiled, wait for a minute or two so that the temperature of the water is approximately 80°C. If the water is too hot, your tea may become too bitter.
Add a small teaspoon of matcha (see matcha spoon) powder to your cup and then fill with approximately 60ml of hot water.
Using a chasen, or matcha whisk, mix the powder in with the water so that no lumps remain in the tea. Mix for a minute until the tea has lots of small bubbles on the surface and appears slightly frothy, try to mix in a "W" motion to get the best results.

Tips and Information Hints:
If you live in an area with hard water, try using a water filter to purify the water before you boil it. This will give you a cleaner tasting tea.
Try adjusting the amount of water and matcha used until you find the right taste for you.
Traditional matcha green tea is more bitter than the regular green tea so you might need something sweet to balance the taste. Try our fine white sugar crystals.