Brecon Blend Coffee Beans

Brecon Blend Coffee Beans

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Brecon Blend Coffee Beans

A blend of hand picked pulped-natural and washed beans from Brazil, El Salvador and India. Ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and Asia.

Our Brecon Blend coffee boasts a delicious syrupy body, well-balanced taste, hints of citrus fruit and a nutty finish. An aromatic medium-roast coffee which works perfectly as an everyday coffee.

Due to the natural oils in the coffee beans once ground they can not be sent in plastic free packing.

We only offer the 250g as a ground coffee (fine, medium and coarse) to make sure it keeps fresh, please use within 14 days of purchase.

Body 3/5

Sweetness 4/5

Acidity 3/5

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