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Assam Tonganagaon Organic Tea ~ TGFOP1

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Assam Tonganagoan Organic Tea ~ TGFOP1

An organic tea from the Tonganagoan Estate. A beautifully produced organic Assam tea with a bold spicy taste yet a slightly sweet, and smooth malty finish. For many years now, this small tea plantation from the eastern Assam valley has been producing exceptional, organic teas.

Established in 1927, the Tonganagaon Tea Estate is nestled near the Himalayan foothills and the mighty Brahmaputra river, situated at the edge of the Namdapha natural reserve, with the Organic cultivation methods used within the estate helping to further promote the Ecological diversity of the area. The driving force behind the conversion to Organic Farming methods has been the proprietor, Mr Ashok Lohia, the sixth generation of a family shrouded in tea history from Assam to Darjeeling. In 2008, he took a neglected tea garden, and turned this into a flourishing biodiverse land with state of the art facilities.

Cup Colour: brown golden
Brewing time 3 - 5 minutes