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China White Snow Dragon Organic Tea

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The Dongzhai tea garden can be found in the Chinese province of Yunnan amongst the Wuliang mountains at an average altitude of 1500mts. This unusual tea garden is managed with a focus on ecological and social responsibility. All teas are hand-picked and processed manually.
When the tea pickers of the Dongzhai tea garden go out in spring they harvest the leaves for this first class Snow Dragon. Only the fresh young buds with their velvety appearance are plucked to produce this wonderful tea.
Snow Dragon develops a light and pleasantly sparkling, fresh taste. The cup colour is light, clear and slightly golden-yellow.
Production of this tea is quite exceptional because the fresh leaves are not processed like white tea but more like green tea. That means withering, steaming, rolling, firing and cooling until the tea reaches the correct level of residual moisture. The final careful and gentle hand rolling in a heated wok-type pan gives the tea its beautiful appearance.
Certified Organic.

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