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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

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Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

Our premium 100% Brazilian arabica Decaffeinated Coffee Beans has a silky body which leads into milk chocolate sweetness and a quick, clean finish.

The perfect choice if you’re after all of the taste and less of the caffeine. An ideal solution to those after-dinner coffees that keep you awake all night!

We use the CO2 Non-solvent approach to decaffeinate our coffee beans. During this process, our beans are soaked in pure water until their pores open and the caffeine molecules become mobile. At this point carbon dioxide is added to the water under pressure to produce “Sparkling Water”.

The carbon dioxide acts like a magnet to the caffeine molecules, removing them from the coffee bean and drawing them into the water. The water is then removed from the process once the beans have been decaffeinated.

Carbon dioxide is very selective during this process and ensures that only caffeine is removed, unlike other processes which affect the carbohydrates and proteins in the coffee bean (elements which contribute to the flavour profile and aroma when roasted).

We have chosen this method due to its natural process and the high quality of the end product, roasted delicately and precisely to provide our customers with a premium coffee bean and consistently good taste in every cup, without the caffeine.

Developed especially for espresso coffee. 

Body 4/5

Sweetness 3/5

Acidity 2/5

NOTE: Due to the large amount of natural oils in roast coffee beans we are unable to send these plastic free.