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Wuyi Da Hong Pao Cake

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Wuyi Da Hong Pao Cake

Wuyi Da Hong Pao Cake ~ Big Red Robe Oolong 100g  

Just like Pu-erh tea, the taste of Rock teas from Wuyi Mountains gets smoother with ageing. For a time now, tea cakes compressed from great Wuyi teas such as Da Hong Pao have been made by some individuals for personal consumption and sometimes as gifts. The process closely follows the process used to create a once-famous, Song Dynasty tribute tea cake called Long Tuan Feng Bing (Dragon Phoenix Tea Cake). The tightly compressed cake has Da Hong Pao in Chinese on the surface. This tea is ready for drinking now or it can be kept for further aging. Strong and full-bodied Da Hong Pao cake becomes more mellow and smoother as it ages.

Brewing guides.

Please use a gaiwan, Yixing clay teapot. Gongfu or Kungfu brewing method strongly preferred. Break one chuck of a quarter size off the cake, 100 Celsius (°C) degrees, 2 min, 3-5 infusions.
storage: Keep Da Hong Pao cake cool and dry away from direct sunlight and other spices.

Health Benefits:
(Oolong or Wu-long tea) is well known for weight loss, the semi-fermented process result to  Oolong contains special compounds, Researchers at the Suntory Research Center in Osaka, Japan found that drinking wu long tea15 minutes before eating foods high in carbohydrates curbed rises in insulin, thus reducing some of the fattening effects of carbohydrate intake.
Studies show that drinking Oolong during or after a high-cholesterol meal has been shown to lower the intake of fat content in the blood.


Weight when pressed 100g this may be down to 95g as it dries out.
NOTE: You are purchasing the tea only, not the stand or the Pu-Erh knife