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Violet Flower Tea

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Violet Flower Tea

The violet flower makes for an interesting cup of tea.  As you drop a few flowers into your mug and add some boiling water, the steep releases a deep purple/grey colour. The infusion creates an aroma similar to green tea but more woody and earthy with a distinct bitter finish to the palate.  
Matthiola incana 


The Benefits:

Reduces blemishes and slows down skin aging
* Helps heal wounds
* Moistens the throat and lungs to relieve inflammation
* Cures bad breath
* Helps with colds and flu symptoms
* Regulates the blood
* Detoxifies the skin
* Reduces fat and helps with weight loss
* Benefits the liver

Cup Colour: Purple/Grey
Amount of tea per cup: 1 heaped teaspoon.
Brewing time: 10 min.