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Mugwort Herb ~ Artemisia vulgaris - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Mugwort Herb ~ Artemisia vulgaris

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Mugwort Herb ~ Artemisia vulgaris

Dried Mugwort herb, also known as St. John's Plant, can be used in teas or tinctures. It is wonderfully calming, eases stress, and promotes good sleep. Mugwort has been renowned across Europe for generations. It is traditionally used for intestinal and digestive complaints but can serve as an all-around health tonic. 
Uses and benefits:
  • Excellent digestive stimulant
  • Used as a culinary flavouring around the world
  • Take before or after heavy meals to alleviate gas and bloating
  • Often used as an ingredient in sleep pillows
  • Said to help lucid dreaming
  • Calms frayed nerves and eases stress
  • Can be used to make teas or tinctures


Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

As this product has some potent natural properties, we recommend using mugwort with care and moderation.

If you notice any negative side effects after drinking this tea, consider scaling back your intake or avoiding it.

  • Add 1 or 1.5 heaped teaspoons of mugwort for each cup of tea required into a teapot
  • Pour boiling the water over the tea
  • Cover and leave to infuse for 8-10 minutes
  • Strain and serve

Country of Origin: Hungary 100% Mugwort Herb ~ Artemisia vulgaris.

Certified Organic.

During processing, we do our best to remove all foreign objects (sticks, small feathers, or bits of plastic), but we do not always catch them all so please do not eat this product it is for an infusion only.