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Keemun Kung Fu Black Grade 3 Tea - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Keemun Kung Fu Black Grade 3 Tea

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Keemun Kung Fu Black Grade 3 Tea is a traditional tea created in the Qing Dynasty. This tea fully fermented and has the appearance of shredded tea (compared with Mao Feng black tea, which has full leaves). This tea boasts a beautiful red finish, with a wonderful Keemun essence flavour and aromas like a flower, honey, or fruit with a sweet and warm full-bodied flavour.


In accordance with China National Tea Standard, Keemun Kung Fu Black Tea has 5 grades, that is 2 high ceremonial grades, and 3 common grades. Going from higher grades to common grades, the tea taste changes from fresh and sweet, to a move heavy and mellow flavor, and the aroma also changes from a rich flowery aroma to a clear aroma. We offer here grade 3.


Back in the 1800s Keemun black tea was exported to Britain and started to appear in the British upper class, with the high status of elegance and known as the best tea among high class and royalty.

Originally it was only Keemun Kung fu black tea that was exported from China because its broken leaves could withstand long travel in old times, hence being the #1 tea exported to Britain from China.


Grade 3

Taste & Aroma:
Full-bodied, thick, fresh, and cool with sweet warm notes and fruity hints, with the lasting fragrant aroma of honey and orchids

Keemun District, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui Province, China

Health Benefits:
Refreshing and eliminate fatigue, clear body heat, help with diuresis, anti-inflammatory, nourishing stomach cold, and digestion aid. This tea is more suitable for women & those who have stomach troubles. 

Make tea with fresh boiling water. Take 3~5 grams of tea to brew for 3~5 minutes, if you want a stronger flavour, please use more tea leaves.