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Huoshan Yun Wu Tea ~ Cloud and Mist Tea

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Huoshan Yun Wu Tea ~ Cloud and Mist Tea

Literally translated into Cloud and Mist Tea, Huoshan Yun Wu Tea seen as the predecessor of Huoshan Mao Feng Tea by Chinese tea experts is famous for its dense flavor, bright look, fragrance, and clear liquor.

Savouring the tea, you will find it mellow and delicate in taste. Huoshan Yun Wu Tea is endued with a high level of theanine, rich tannins, and vitamins by the cooling and misting climate and ideal growing environment of Huoshan Mountain. It tastes sweet and crisp, with a hint of unique nutty and fruity notes.


1. Put 2g Huoshan Yun Wu Tea into a glass;
2. Pour into the glass 100ml 80°C water;
3. Brew for 1-2 minutes. One minute for delicate taste, two minutes for stronger taste;
4. Huoshan Yun Wu Tea stands up to three to four brewings.