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Gaiwan White ~ 2 Cup Set - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Gaiwan White ~ 2 Cup Set

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Gaiwan White ~ 2 Cup Set

Gaiwan White ~ 2 Cup Set. This bright white porcelain Gaiwan comes complete with 2 cups for a tea connoisseur.

Traditionally porcelain Gaiwans are used for steeping and drinking green and white loose leaf tea, however, you can enjoy any tea type with this Gaiwan.

Remember, you can re-steep your tea leaves 2-3 times when using a Gaiwan, ensuring you get the most out of every tea leaf. 

They come packed in their own presentation box as shown.

Gaiwan: 150ml 

Dimensions: Height: 45mm, Diameter 97mm 

Cups: 75ml

Dimensions: Height 38mm, Diameter 75mm

Warm the teapot place the loose leaves in and top up with correct temperature water (see our guide), leave to steep then pour into the warmed teacup.
Keep the leaves damp and you can reuse numerous times.