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Darjeeling ~ Autumn ~ GFOP

Darjeeling ~ Autumn ~ GFOP

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Darjeeling ~ Autumn ~ GFOP

Darjeeling ~ Autumn ~ GFOP. Selected teas from the well-known gardens in Darjeeling harvested a few weeks after the summer monsoon and shortly before the winter season, the sun allows the tea to become fully aromatic but mild. In the annual search for Top sorts from the Autumnal Season, we would like to recommend this marvelous autumnal plucking. The leaf is medium-sized, regular, almost multicolored with rougher brown and green parts. The infusion color is dark amber corresponding to the time of year. The tea is aromatic and mild with a spicy taste and scent.

Cup Colour: dark amber.
Amount of tea per cup: 1 levelled teaspoon.
Brewing time: 2 to 4 minutes.

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