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Assam Hathikuli Organic Tea ~ TGFOP - The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company Ltd

Assam Hathikuli Organic Tea ~ TGFOP

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An organic tea from the Hathikuli Estate. The leaf is large and bold with a tip (denoting quality). The liquor is deep and full with a well-rounded traditionally malty flavour.

Assam Hathikuli Organic Tea ~ TGFOP

The word Hathikuli is derived from the Assamese words “Hathi” (elephant) and “Kuli” (Frequent) which translates into a place that is frequently visited by elephants. The estate is situated on NH-37, adjoining the Kaziranga National Park which is a world heritage site. It falls in two districts- Golaghat & Karbi-Anglong. The tea garden stretches 15 Kms along the Highway. It produces Organic Green Tea, Orthodox Tea, CTC Tea.

As the garden is located in the same ecological zone as the Kaziranga National Park, the company decided to convert it into an organic plantation. The transformation initiated in 2007, finally achieved completion in 2011. The organic status of the estate has led to an increase in the number of natural predators that feed on the various pests that blight the tea plants. Turning the plantation into an organic one has naturally improved its soil structure. There are a huge number of earthworms in the estate’s soil compared to that of conventional gardens. Hathikuli is also host to many wild animals and birds who visit the estate now and then.

Cup Colour: brown golden
Brewing time 3 - 5 minutes
This tea is always in our top ten best-sellers, a real classic black tea.

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