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Assam Boisahabi Tea ~ TGFOP Spring

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This black Assam tea is something rather special. It has a light cup with a delicate and highly aromatic taste - slightly sweet and malty. A delight for every Assam lover or a newcomer to this variety of tea. 

The tea estate is located on the Southern banks of the Brahmaputra river, sprawls over a lush 1000 hectares. In the distance to the South-East mountains rise up from the verdant plains. And just over those mountains is mystic Myanmar, the perfect setting for yielding the legendary Assam tea - characterized by rich, full-bodied, and bright liquor from attractive dark brown leaves with large golden tips. Boisahabi's beautiful gardens, first planned by the Scots are more than a century old.

Black Tea ~ India ~ TGFOP Spring
Cup Colour: brown golden
Brewing time 2-3 mins