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We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the finest teas from across the globe, not only are you guaranteed to find the perfect tea you are looking for, we are also confident that you will want to indulge in many of our other products too.

We have a vast list of teas including Assam, Oolong, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, white tea, green tea, black tea, herbal, and fruit infusions. All are sustainably grown, and many are also certified Organic, however due to the nature of these products some are only available during the summer or winter periods, meaning we have limited stock throughout the year, adding to the feeling of exclusivity.

We stock a variety of flavours from a strong smoky Assam to fragrant fruits and crisp black teas, many full of multivitamins and herb infusions to aid relaxation of the body and mind. Some of our favourites from our range include an enchanting White Moonlight tea, born from the soil of the Dongshai tea garden located in the Chinese province of Yunnan, nestled comfortably amongst the Wuliang mountains, as well as a proud Peacock Pu Erh. The latter of which was created in 2010 after a process of fermenting harvested leaves from trees as old as 400 years, a pinch of history which has created the future of tea.

All our teas have a variety of health benefits as well as the added euphoria of a soothing cup, with tangy flavours you will enjoy over and over again.

We try to keep our prices stable but with the world economics and the weather sometimes prices have to alter and we are sorry about this.

A subscription service is available for any of our teas, select this option to save 2.5% on all future orders.

The UK Loose Leaf Tea Company is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for and more!

Fully indulge, feel inspired.